Chavni - An unique experience

Welcome to Chavni, a premium heritage resort that is easily accessible from Pune and Mumbai. Unlock a treasure trove of history as you explore this thematically designed property spread over 4.5 acres. Featuring cobbled stone courtyards and luxuriant gardens that link the mountainous pathways and thick forest, Chavni offers its guests 18 rooms infused with character.

Chavni is designed to evoke memories of the classic transit camps and caravans, while offering contemporary luxury and comfort, Chavni offers its guests three Mini Carts, seven Royal Tents, five Luxury Carts and a 2-bedroom Classic Suite (Wada).

Chavni transcends the typical resort stay in many ways. Here you can live under a canvas tent or sleep in a wayside bullock cart…just like the unassuming travelers did in the good old days.

Chavni is largely inspired by art and architecture of the glorious Maratha rule; we have strived to revive the original ‘chavni’ by recreating the ancient transit camp in all its authenticity.


Winter (October to January): Experience the pleasant chill of winter. (Approx. Temperature Range- 13°C to 33°C.)
Summer (February to May): Enjoy the spectacular blooming of wild flowers. (Approx. Temperature Range- 13°C to 43°C.)
Monsoon (June to September): Witness the famed torrential downpour of the Western Ghats. (Approx. Temperature Range- 25°C to 42°C.)

What to Bring

Chavni is a jungle resort, situated at foothills of Lohgad and Visapur fort. Safety is our top priority, and we go above and beyond to avoid any unexpected events that might fail to please you, even with all the exciting features that come with being a rainforest resort. Hence do not forget to bring the following:
1. Elaborate trekking gear
2. Seasonal clothes
3. Repellent
4. Allergic medication

Places To visit nearby

Trekking at Lohagad
and Visapur fort

Chavni Resort offers a unique blend of wildlife exploration, historical immersion, and trekking, ensuring an unforgettable getaway.

Bhaja and karla Caves

Discover Maharashtra’s rich history in the enchanting caves near the Fort like Visapur’s spikes, Bhaja’s pillars, Karla’s grand chaityas, and Bedse’s peaceful haven, to experience the intricacy of time and nature.

Jungle Trails

Embark on mesmerizing jungle trails, where lush green landscapes and towering trees offer a captivating blend of nature’s beauty. The adventure, combined with the historical charm near the resort, ensures a memorable stay.

Water Falls

Experience the perfect blend of nature and history near Lohagad Fort with a peaceful heaven of boat ride on Pawna Dam. Amidst the Sahyadri Mountains, enjoy breathtaking views and immerse yourself in the historical charm

Our Story

Maharashtra offers an exceptional geographical setting, with approximately 740 kilometres of the Konkan coastal stretch, the Western Ghats and Sahyadri Hills, which are recognised globally as World Heritage Sites due to their rich biodiversity, and the Deccan Plateau extending from the state’s western to eastern borders. 

The Bara Mawal region of Deccan Maharashtra showcases the various amenities and trade routes built by the Empire builders of the Deccan :The Satvahannas, Medieval Forts built by Raja Bhoj of the Shilahar dynasty and the extraordinary contribution of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in establishing the Hindawi Swaraj in the form of the unique typology of forts and network of fortifications. This is a land where Satvahannas united the tribes of this region into one gana of Marathas and 2000 year later, the Deshmukhs of the same Bara Maval region played a key role in the foundation of Hindawi Swaraj. In pre-colonial times, soldiers galloped on horseback; wealthy families travelled in liveried chariots, bullock cart caravans transported merchants’ goods and ordinary citizens treaded the winding paths on foot. Monastries, rock cut caves, viharas and other amenities can be found along the corridors in the form of milestones, wells and panothe, baolis provided to traders, troops and travellers.

While walking along the ruins of these Landmarks of the Past, one wonders how the travellers moved and rested in the good old days ? It instantly conjures up tales of the transit camps and the moving caravans with their simplistic splendour. The old world is behind us, but Chavni Lohagad strives to relive the glory, history and culture of the Maratha Empire.

Through travels and discoveries of this unique cultural setting, the co-founders of the E.S.V.1600 History Resort LPP are driven to pass on to the next generation the precious heritage of Maharashtra’s glorious past through their first venture Chavni, Lohagad.

Architects and co-founders Tushar Shetye and Snehal Karlekar use their passion to skillfully evolve a model for conservation and heritage tourism. They believe it is a landmark step to instill more efforts in developing and promoting such heritage tourism projects and precincts in Maharashtra. The duo inspire the design team and guide the style, proportions and detailing of the project to bring in the timeless aura of the 17th century.

Chavni strives to enrich the existing ecosystem through plantation of native trees, use of local resources, local people and local techniques. Endowed with abundant forest land and the Deccan plateau’s bountiful harvest, our cuisine represents regional delicacies of Maharashtra and the elaborate preparations relished by royalty.

Co-founder and restauranteur Sri Ajit Ingawle believes and explains, “At a time when tourism is considered as luxury, capitalist, and materialistic, Chavni Lohagad takes leap steps to promote conscious, responsible, and inclusive tourism“. It is an environment where stories are told and history is unfolded in all of its intricate details.

“We hope to continue the work of reviving the history and culture of Maharashtra in the form of various ‘Chavnis’ in the lap of Sahyadri and its many hill forts, dense forests, plateaus and the coastal region” says the Guinness Book of World Record holder Sri Uday Jagtap. He is a co-founder, the torch bearer and plays an important role in the evolution of the venture’s distinctive vision.