Welcome to our magnificent resort, where a range of delights awaits your enjoyment. Indulge in various dining experiences, from exquisite fine dining to laid-back lounges. Unwind by the immaculate pool, sipping on expertly crafted cocktails, and discover the cultural treasures housed in our on-site museum. Every element is carefully planned for your satisfaction, ensuring a harmonious fusion of comfort and luxury throughout your stay.

Randhan haat the restaurant

Tuck into tempting recipes dished out by seasoned chefs at Randhanhaat, our multi-cuisine restaurant. And rejoice at Shamianaa, our dedicated celebration zone endowed with an elegant dinner deck.

fine dine

A great gastronomic experience awaits you at this place. Step into a private Dining Area, tucked in the lap of naturally jutting boulders embellished with rock art. This exclusive cocoon can host 12-14 pax, where you can relish a multi-course dinner with a pre-booked exclusive menu curated by the Owners. Here we proudly serve royal cuisine and pit-cooked hunting food.


Splash in style in the vast Swimming Pool and revitalize your senses in the common Jacuzzi. Situated at a vantage point, the Pool offers a spectacularly sweeping view of the entire resort of Chavni.


Take a look up close at antique arms, artillery, vintage coins, and assorted curios in our Museum. It’s a painstakingly sourced collection that provides glimpses of the glorious past.


Experience the allure of heritage luxury at the “Chavni” Heritage Resort, where a harmonious fusion of modern comfort and historical significance awaits you. Indulge in lavish lodging, sample exquisite cuisine at our fine dining establishment, and relax with nature. Through guided heritage excursions and personalized on-property experiences, discover the rich cultural tapestry. “Chavni” guarantees a unique and enchanted vacation, where every minute is immersed in elegance and history, with features like a captivating light and sound performance, horseback riding adventures, and lush strolling pathways.”

jacuzzi & swimming pool


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